Projects to add...

This section is based on what to add into AchillioScape. It will include several various things, including server, client, and cache editing. Use ::suggest and your suggestion might end up here!


Drop-down menus in Client
Fixed NPC Death/Attack Animations
Removing Money Pouch (No dupe, I just don't like it)
Random Rewards
Adding World Map
Welcome Screen/Login Interface
Changing Max Skill level to 255
Reward chest with key
Fixed combat sound system
Yell timer
Fire Cape upgrader
Dragon Claw spec
Teleport descriptions
Custom Drop System %
Dialog system
Mystery Box
Slot Machine
Auto DXP Weekend

Red = high priority
Blue = low priority

Donating really helps the server, and the staff be motivated to keep updating and managing the server. Anything at all helps.
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Staff/The Team


Credit – 80%
Joziah is the server owner, manager, and operator. He’s also the cool guy that made this site!

Jay Z

Credit – 5%
Jay, In-game name “Jay Z”, is the Main-Admin, or the Head Admin. He helps manage the in-game PR related content.


Credit – 15%
Alex hasn’t played AchillioScape, but is a great helper, and therefor ranked “Global Helper”. He has fixed many bugs, errors, and glitches.

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